Daikin Amphitheater at Founder's Park

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Daikin Amphitheater
Founder's Park


Founder's Park
905 Canal St, NE
Decatur, AL 35601
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General Information
David Breland

General Information


In 2012, Daikin America provided a $100,000 donation to the City of Decatur for the construction of this amphitheater.  A matching grant of $50,000 from the Land and Water Conservation Fund through ADECA was also presented.  Other partners who made the project possible were:


Nucor Steel
Independence Tube
Rotary Club of Decatur
Rotary District Foundation
Decatur Downtown Redevelopment Authority
Alabama Tourism Department
Decatur Parks and Recreation Department
Fite Building Company
Decatur Beautification Committee
Godwin, Barnett & Woods
City of Decatur






The Daikin Amphitheater is located in front of the 1833 Old State Bank, a city-owned property with a wealth of historical and agricultural significance and Alabama's oldest existing building. 

Fronting the historic building is a 2-acre park known as Founder's Park which was created in the 1900's to help preserve the frontal view of this landmark structure, provide green space for the adjacent historic downtown and historic residential neighborhoods, serve as a link from the downtown to the riverfront, create an area for special events and heritage/cultural tourism development and define a major entry into Decatur's historic districts.

The amphitheater stage, designed by Sam Barnett of GBW Architects, complements the architecture of the Old State Bank and is linked aesthetically to other parks developed in the city. The amphitheater stage is phase one of a multi-phased plan with other improvements to take place as funds are available. The park and its amphitheater stage will support downtown redevelopment goals, strengthen Decatur’s economy by supporting existing and new tourism opportunities and enhance the quality of life through the new amenities the park will provide. The Daikin Amphitheater  will serve an outdoor cultural space that can be used by the Alabama Center for the Arts and serve as a performance space for a variety of events and activities. The Daikin Amphitheater in Founders Park is envisioned as a place of music, laughter, drama, learning, recreation, inspiration, cultural exploration and a place to reconnect to Decatur’s past. (-Melinda Dunn, Executive Director, Decatur Morgan County Convention & Visitors Bureau)


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