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256-341-4835      Andrews Keith   Ingalls Pavilion
256-341-4821     Ayers Calvin  

T.C. Almon Recreation Center Supervisor

256-214-0919     Berenbak Richard   Decatur City Cemetery Supervisor
256-341-4913     Bernhard Charles   Point Mallard Skating Professional
256-341-4916     Brannon James   Point Mallard Ice Complex Assistant Supervisor
256-341-4818     Breland David   Historical Resource & Event Coordinator, Old State Bank
256-341-4940   Brown  Chase    Fort Decatur Recreation Center Assistant Supervisor 
256-341-4950   Cooley Skylar   Therapeutics Coordinator, Aquadome Recreation Center
256-341-4955     Darnell-Colo'n Rochelle   Aquadome Recreation Center Supervisor
256-341-4936     Davis Nancy   Central Office Account Clerk
256-341-4760   Dozier Stacie   Administrative Specialist, Maintenance
256-341-4930     Dunlap Jeff   Department Director
256-341-4882     Edmondson Donna   Point Mallard Maintenance Supervisor
256-341-4761     Floyd Paul   Facilities and Operations Manager 
256-341-4760     Golway Jennifer   Services Specialist
256-341-4902     Harris Nita   Point Mallard Receptionist
256-341-4826     Jones Scott   Point Mallard Campground Supervisor
256-341-4925     Krenkel Charlie   Point Mallard Golf Professional
256-341-4930     Lake Jason   Assistant Department Director
256-341-4834      Lane Kerrie   Jack Allen Recreation Complex Supervisor, Wilson Morgan Softball Complex Supervisor
256-341-4946   Langdon Suzanne   Fort Decatur Recreation Center Supervisor
Mayhall Logan
Aquatics Supervisor, Aquadome & Carrie Matthews Pool
256-341-4933     McClellan Janice   Central Office Account Clerk/Cemetery Clerk
256-341-4930     Perez Anna   Central Office Office Receptionist
256-341-4762   Puckett Heath   Parks Superintendent
256-341-4923     Sharriett Bebe   Point Mallard Golf Course Office Manager
256-341-4985     Sims Kellie   Turner-Surles  Senior Center
256-341-4935     Speegle Lori   Central Office Account Clerk
256-341-4953     Williams JT   Director of Aquatics
256-341-4831     Wisdom David   Central Office Recreation Superintendent
  Wells Cody   Jack Allen Recreation Complex, Assistant Supervisor
Woods Delandrion
Turner-Surles Senior Center, Assistant Supervisor
256-351-7779     Gillam Adam   Point Mallard Golf Maintenance 





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