Rose Garden at Delano Park

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Rental Policy

The Rose Garden is an appropriate setting for the small, intimate wedding or gathering.  Its natural beauty, with an extensive collection of flowers and shrubs that are in bloom from early spring to late fall, makes it unnecessary to bring in additional flora. Seating for 35 is available on site.

All fees go directly toward
maintenance and horticulture in the
Rose Garden.
1.     To reserve a date, a $600 money order or cashier’s check ($100 refundable damage deposit and $500 rental fee entitling the renter to four hours in the garden during regular garden hours) must be received by the Delano Park Conservancy at least 30 days but no more than one year prior to the event. Provided there is no property damage, the damage deposit monies will be returned within 45 days after the event. Events are limited to 50 people (including the wedding party in the case of weddings). The event, including associated set-up, clean-up, and photography must be completed within the hours reserved. Additional time will be charged at a rate of $100 per hour. If one of the four hours is used for a wedding rehearsal, it must be pre-arranged to take place during regular garden hours. A refund of the rental fee and damage deposit fee will be made if the Parks Department or Delano Park Conservancy has to cancel the event. A refund of the rental fee will not be made if the renter cancels the event; however, the damage deposit fee will be refunded. In case of rain, the original bride and groom may reserve another time and/or date (if available) within three (3) months of the original wedding date at no additional charge.   
2.     Delano Park Conservancy will schedule an orientation with the party who signs the application (and the bride in the case of a wedding) to take place at Parks and Recreation – 610 4th Av. S.E. –  at which time the permit will be issued. You must have a rain plan and explain it at the orientation. Bring permit with you to the Rose Garden on the day of the event. Park Department, Friends of Delano Park, the Conservancy, or security personnel may ask to see it.  
3.     Absolutely nothing may be attached to the pergola trelliswork or columns, terrace, Rose Garden wall or columns, or any of the Rose Garden furnishings (benches, armillary, planters, etc.). All decorations must be free standing.
4.     Entering the flower beds or picking flowers is prohibited.
5.     Musicians and their equipment are permitted on the terrace only – not on the grass, flower beds, paths, or gravel areas. Amplification of music or for other purposes is not allowed. 
6.     Throwing rice, bird seed, silk flower petals, and confetti are not permitted. Fresh flower petals are permitted.
7.     Wax candles and tents are not allowed in the Rose Garden or entry garden areas. Chairs and tables are allowed on the terrace only – not on the grass, flower beds, paths, or gravel areas.
8.     Existing garden furnishings and fixtures must remain in place – without exception.
9.     All areas must be cleaned and all equipment removed immediately after an event. Trash must be bagged and placed beside the trash can on 8th Avenue. Damage deposit will be withheld if facility is not cleaned.
10. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited.
11. Events may not continue past dark.
12. Neither the Parks and Recreation Department nor Delano Park Conservancy are responsible for any items left unattended.
13. PHOTOGRAPHY: A photography fee of $50 per hour is charged for use of garden areas for any commercial photography. Times must be scheduled with Delano Park Conservancy. The garden is available for photo opportunities with no additional charge during facility rental.  
14. All vehicles must remain on paved areas only. Loading and unloading with hand trucks is permitted at Gordon Drive wheelchair ramp provided hand trucks remain on paved areas only (paths and terrace).
15. Only non-profit 501(c)3 organizations may use the garden for fundraising with prior Parks and Recreation and Delano Park Conservancy approval and permit.

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