Life at a Recreation Center


Recreation Centers offer a multitude of positives in a community. They offer a place for people to gather for community meetings, voting booths, recreational sports, organized classes for adults and children and so many other things. They provide space for families to gather for birthday parties, baby showers, and even wedding receptions. The centers bring communities together and help to strengthen relationships.
Many make lifelong friendships within the community centers. These friendships are often times strong enough that those involved often bring their own children back to the centers so that they have the same opportunities that the parents did. The centers offer many tools to their communities to help them prepare for relationships both at the job and in their personal lives.
There are so many youths that look to the recreation centers as a place of sanctuary. They keep children off the streets by offering something constructive for them to do. The youth in the community find their skills on the basketball court in organized youth leagues, discover new sports they might never have heard of and learn valuable people skills from their peers, the staff and the coaches they encounter.
There is very little that is more heartwarming than for a child that grew up in the recreation centers to come back once they are an adult and thank the staff that helped them get through their tough times just by having the center open for them when they needed it. Recreation centers are the center of a community and an invaluable asset.
The city of Decatur is very lucky to have four such recreation centers; Aquadome Recreation Center, Carrie Matthews Recreation Center, Fort Decatur Recreation Center and TC Almon Recreation Center. Take the time to get involved with one of the recreation centers in your community today!
-Suzanne Langdon
Carrie Matthews Recreation Center

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