Lacrosse in Decatur


Dan Fleuette in the April 12, 2014 column of Breitbart News writes:

“Lacrosse continues to grow faster than any other sport in America. Driving this growth is the increased participation of younger players across the country. More and more high schools across the country are adding the sport to their programs…” He goes on to say: “The expansion of youth participation will likely continue to fuel the growth at college, club, and even professional teams, as younger players matriculate and look for competition past the high school level.”

The title of Fleuette’s column is, “In the Crease: America’s Oldest Team Sport is its Fastest Growing Team Sport.”

In Spotlight Sports, Brad Hollingsworth writes: 

“Historians believe lacrosse, considered to be America’s first sport, began as early as the fifth century among Native Canadians, who played on a field measuring from 500 yards to a couple of miles with 10 to 1,000 players on the field at one time. These games went from sunup to sundown and lasted for two to three consecutive days.”

Modern day lacrosse is no longer a so-called ‘Ivy League game of the privileged class’ and the duration of competition has been drastically reduced. International, collegiate and League Lacrosse consist of four quarters totaling sixty minutes. High school games consist of four twelve-minute quarters but can be played in 30-minute halves.    Youth leagues have shorter time frames, typically two 20-minute halves.


For many years football, baseball, softball and soccer have been the attraction for competitive sports in our area. Lacrosse is gaining a foothold.


Decatur, Alabama, is being introduced to lacrosse competition, with 2014 the second consecutive year the Jack Allen Recreation Complex has hosted lacrosse tournaments.


An exhibition tournament was hosted last year with teams from Huntsville and Birmingham. This year, once again DLC Sports from Atlanta, GA, is conducting a girl’s lacrosse tournament, the River City Rivalry. Last year brought 20 teams and this year 32 teams. 


DLC Sports manages lacrosse clinics, instruction, programs and tournaments for boys and girls covering five southeastern states with a sixth, Florida, coming on board this year.


Pamela Ann McNabb and Melanie Johnson, with DLC, are the tournament directors. McNabb notes that, “on a scale of from 1-to-10 the Jack Allen Recreation Complex rates an eleven! This is because of the beautiful fields, the proximity of the spectators to the games and especially the hospitality of the host, which is a big part of working with a venue. The city of Decatur, your Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Jack Allen staff make our job so much easier. We are especially appreciative of the room for directors, coaches and referees. In so many places there is barely room to squeeze in a field for competition. Here, we have full sized fields with fencing and a great



Ian Falcone from Atlanta, GA, commented that, “Lacrosse is a communal sport in that there is always a gathering of a family of teams. Girls who play on the same recreational teams are split up into different teams during tournaments, and it is nice to see them greet each other before, during and after competition.”

Bird Fonville from Memphis, TN, says, “Girls lacrosse is different from boys lacrosse whereas in other sports there are similarities. The rules and type of play, the equipment are different for girls. Usually parents watch from under a tree or in a chair a distance from the field. Here at your complex we’re actually on the sidelines!”
Shannon Wilson from Acworth, Kennesaw, GA, notes that, “Lacrosse is a great team sport providing good hand-eye coordination for our girls. This is a sport which is an option for youth where other team sports seem to be so crowded. And, parents make a contribution by bringing something for the gathering of families beneath so many tents, during games and practices.”

Jack Allen Recreation Complex is prepared to host additional lacrosse events as this unique sport gains popularity!







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