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 The 1833 Old State Bank 

925 Bank Street, NE

(non-mailing address)


P.O Box 582

Decatur, AL 35602






Monday - Friday

9:30 am - 12:00 pm

1:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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Weekend & Holiday Hours



Historical Resource


 Event Coordinator


David Breland






Through over 175 years of often turbulent history, the Old State Bank has survived as a proud monument to Decatur’s past and the development of banking in Alabama. The decision to build a branch of the Alabama state bank in Decatur was one of the first events in the town’s early history to lift Decatur from relative obscurity to a role of importance in the state. The impressive Classic Revival structure symbolized the ambitious plans early leaders envisioned for the town.

A unique feature of the bank was the requirement that the head cashier reside in a 2nd floor apartment to provide security and stability. The building is being restored to reflect this original use, and  features  period room settings and displays that interpret life in the 1830’s.

With guidance from the City of Decatur, the Old State Bank Board of Directors and the Parks and Recreation Department, the Old State Bank offers a variety of programs and services for people interested in local history. Guided tours, guest lecture programs, classes and special events are all offered at the site. Old State Bank staff members are also available to speak with local civic and school groups, and welcome your requests for assistance. Additionally, the building and grounds are available for private rentals that meet event specifications.


The building is open Monday-Friday from 9:30-12:00 and 1:00-4:30. Additional hours are available by advance request. Tour groups are encouraged to make advance reservations for their visit to the building by calling 256-341-4818.


Welcome to Decatur!

What is an Historic District?





Monday - Friday

9:00 am to 12:00 pm

1:30 pm to 4:30 pm


 The old loading dock train watching area behind the Union Depot

is open Monday - Friday from 9 am until 5 pm. 

Tables and benches are available for picnics.

For more information please call



"A Look at Decatur

 Through Old Newspapers"

A period church service brought the First United Methodist Church of Decatur back together with the Kings Memorial UMC of Decatur. These congregations, one predominantly white and the other predominantly black, were one congregation until a point shortly before the war. The camp meeting type service was enjoyed by all in the early morning fog off of the Tennessee River with the new Daikin Amphitheater being the host venue.


Alabama Public Radio
Old State Bank and The Battle of Mobile Bay - Decatur




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Pond Spring

Joe Wheeler Estate

 Old State Bank Video Tour

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2013 Renovation Project



 Old State Bank Exterior                                          Old State Bank Interior

A Guide for Photography 


This is a photograph by Kirby photography studio of Decatur, al. Per extensive research by Morgan county archivist john Allison, this is a picture of john f. Hartung of 107 prospect drive, new Decatur, al. Mr. Hartung, a former city alderman of new Decatur (later renamed in 1916 “Albany”, al) was a carpenter foreman at the L&N shops, which for about 50 years was the primary employer for the city.
According to the newspaper obituary, he died on april 28, 1921. The funeral took place at his home with Mr. Hartung in his open casket in the front yard of his house. The officiating minister reportedly opened an upstairs window of the house and preached the sermon from inside the house to the large crowd of mourners located in the front yard of the property.
Note the rear of the L&N railroad YMCA in the left background as well as the old Albany high school in the right background behind the trees. The picture is taken looking north toward second avenue, the main retail and commercial street of Albany. In the center background (partially obscured by trees) are some of the buildings of the second avenue area. A then-new car of the era is seen in the left center parked on prospect drive behind the casket and wreaths.
This photograph is on loan to the Old State Bank by its director, David Breland, and may be seen when visiting the Bank.


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