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Central Office

610 4th Ave, SE

Decatur, AL 35601

(non-mailing address)


P. O. Box 1315

Decatur, AL 35602



256-341-4939 fax





Decatur Parks and Recreation pavilions

rent for $25.00 a day (as of April 1, 2018).

Rentals are subject to availability.





For Reservations & Information:

Call 256-341-4930










Two Pavilions: 20'x40' 
Picnic Pavilion: 44’x100’ 
Open to the public on a
first come first serve basis.

Pavilion:  22'x42'
Pavilion: 16'x23'

Shelter A:  20'x66'
Shelter C:  25'x46'



Pavilion: 20'x'30' 
 Located at Ferry, Cherry, and Line St.
Pavilion: 20'x20'
Pavilion: 20'x40'


Pavilion: 24'x48'
Pavilion: 20'x'40'



Playground Pavilion: 30'x30' 
Riverside Pavilion: 35'x93' 







Pavilion: 38'x38'
Park Amenities 



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